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Heighway Pinball Unveiled Alien Pinball Machine

Heighway Pinball Unveiled Alien Pinball Machine
Heighway Pinball Unveiled Alien Pinball Machine
The long awaited Alien Heighway Pinball table has finally been unveiled and will be shipping by the end of this year!

The Alien Pinball is a follow up to Heighway Pinball’s debut pinball machine title, Full Throttle, and has been in production for quite some time.

This widebody cabinet uses a similar design to their previous release and will be available as a kit so you can upgrade your Full Throttle pinball to the Alien release. The table includes:

  • Four Flippers
  • Drop Target Bank
  • Multiple Ramps
  • LCD screen on the playfield
  • Colour changing Egg Pop Bumpers
  • Facehugger Toy
  • Airlock with Alien Queen
  • Xenomorph Ball Grabber

The artwork on the machine has not been finalised as of yet, as there will be art on the front of the game as well. The artist for the game said:

“The game is loaded with quotes and scenes from the movie, every single mode and gameplay feature directly references the films. No one will play this game and be confused what the source material is. It’s Alien and Aliens through and through.”

The company has also specified a number of optional extras that you can add to your game for an additional price:

“Optional extras can be purchased up to one week prior to shipping of your game, and can be purchased online from 9.15pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 (prices will be listed on our website)
  • 27” backbox LCD
  • Fibre Optic Lighting package
  • Blade EL Lighting system
  • Shaker Motor
  • Amber Rotating Beacon Topper
  • Non-reflective glass
  • Polished chrome trim package
  • Door to door shipping by Airfreight (7-10 days as opposed to 4-8weeks by sea)
  • Coin mechanism – single
  • Coin mechanism – double
+ more to follow”

Hopefully more information about the Heighway Pinball Alien Pinball Machine will be made available at the IAAPA 2016 show in November.


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