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IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo 2015 Trade Show Wrap-Up

IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo 2015 Trade Show Wrap-Up
IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo 2015 Trade Show Wrap-Up
Highway Games Managing Director, Steve Josifovski, attended IAAPA's Asian Attractions Expo 2015 yesterday, where he got to see some of the latest innovations in amusement and gaming, and chatted to some of the industry's leading professionals. His report below.

'Welcome from IAAPA Hong Kong 2015, with a good mix of simulators, rides and products for the larger venues. Most of the feedback we received today was that the visitors to their booths was relatively steady but all were higher end clients.

We had a good opportunity to chat with a number of amusement related factories, which we can share below;

Simuline: the famous simulator factory which made the Mini Rider 2 series mentioned they are looking to release a new product next year to the arcade industry. The product will have a smaller footprint and potentially combine virtual reality features. During AAE, Simuline demonstrated their Valkyrie 8 seat motion simulator. Valkyrie is a 3D ride with gun shooting features, designed for larger venues.

Namco: a very large and well presented booth, Namco had a number of products on display many making their first time appearance outside of Japan. Products included;

  • Ace Angler, a video fishing game with reel and 2 large video screens - cast your line and reel in the fish to win tickets. The company is looking to release this product into western markets including USA.

  • Sweetlands 5, the classic lollies/chocolate machines gets a makeover with beautifully presented lighting. Currently on test.

  • Tekken 7, released in Korea and Japan already, its making its release in September to other markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. No release as yet scheduled for USA. Namco is only releasing the product in kit form and will need to be connected to their online server.

  • Pacman Smash (Regular Size), following on from their highly popular 4 player Pacman Smash, Namco will release a smaller version machine potentially later this year. The machine will feature the same multipuck action, but in a smaller and compact 2 player cabinet size.

  • Pokken Tournament, a versus cabinet where Pokemon characters battle each other using tekken fighting mechanics in an arena setting. Instead of using arcade joystick, players use a modified hand controller with controls similar to your playstation and xbox. Currently on income testing. Owners will need to connect machine to the internet and pay namco "content fee" per game played.

  • Synchronica, currently on income testing, it was shown in private viewing. Instead of players versing each other they work together in cooperation mode. 29 initial songs/stages and 2 new songs/stages will be released each month. The machine needs to connect to Namco's online server with content fee paid to namco per game played.

  • Mask Rider, I thought this was the best product at the show. Innovative, well presented and enough to generate a line up in your venue. So what's the game about? Its designed mainly for children where they stand in front of the machine and become "transformed" on the monitor into a variety of Transformer style characters with body armour. You then fight characters on the screen with your arms/legs. At the end of the game, you look into the camera which takes a photo of you in your Transformers outfit and a printed sticker is dispensed. Currently only available in Japan with potential for release in the overseas market. [Editor's note: this game is also known as Kamen Rider Drive]

There are always innovative products at the shows such as the 3D full body scanner (from Artec 3D) which made a life like figurine, or Skyler (from DOF) a 5/6 player motion simulator in a 3D dome with six axis movement. A video summary will be up in the next few days, so watch this space!

It was nice to see everyone again, and thanks for the warm welcome during our visit.

-Steve Josifovski


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