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Unit-E Announced New Neon FM Models For Asian Market

Unit-E Announced New Neon FM Models For Asian Market
Unit-E Announced New Neon FM Models For Asian Market
Unit-E has announced on their Facebook page over the weekend that they will be releasing new Neon FM arcade machine models designed by Andamiro for the Asian market.

The company said "We are happy to introduce Neon FM's new look for Asian markets, designed by Andamiro!" and also dropped the extra bit of news that the new look Neon FM will be on show at the upcoming GTI China show in August, which is only two months away!

As you can see in the image, there are two cabinets available - a white version and black version. The cabinets appear to be made of metal, with loads of LED lighting for super bright cabinets that will stand out.

There is not further information on these models yet in terms of language or specific countries where it will be released, or if they will be made available for Western markets such as the US and Europe (although Australia is often considered part of the Asian market and Andamiro Asian sales department does sell in Australia, so it would be interesting to see if any stock would be made available here).

There has also been no indication made of whether or not game play or content will be affected, though it would be interesting to see how (if) they change the play list up for an Asian market.

I've put the initial model image next to the new one so you can have a fun game of spot the difference. Hopefully we will receive more information over the coming months or during GTI China.


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