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JAMMA 2007 Trade Show

Derby Owners Club 2008 - Feel the Rush
Derby Owners Club 2008 - Feel the Rush
A warm welcome from Jamma 2007.

This year's show continues the trend of larger is better with some very impressive machines that can already be seen centre stage in the manufacturer's own arcade centres. Often, the Jamma Show is big for Japanese operators and very little is suitable for the foreign operators. But this show is a little different, and we have tried to list some hot titles which be coming onto the market in the next months.

  • Derby Owners Club 2008 (Sega): very impressive cabinet, with lots of features and one of the biggest waiting lines at the show.
  • Mega 3D 360 (Sega): 360 degrees 3D cinema with multiple movies
  • Sega Race TV (Sega): new driving game, has an outrun feel
  • Galileo Factory (Sega): very large and notable medal machine
  • Tekken 6 (Namco): the series continues with very good response from players at the show.
  • Lucky Marine Theater (Namco): beautifully presented coin pusher machine
  • D1GP Drift Game (Taito): new drift racing twin game, to be released early next year
  • Basara X (Capcom): versus fighting game
  • Vulcan Wars (Atlus): new generation gun shooting machine for arcade owners
  • Deathsmiles (AMI): side scrolling PCB game

All new games will be displayed shortly in the products sections on Highwaygames, with images, product features and brochures.

Thanks for everyone's help during our visit to Japan.
Steve Josifovski


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