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Latest New From Japan

Latest New From Japan
Latest New From Japan
Nintendo Shuts Down Hong Kong Copier "Apollo"

Nintendo has succeeded in shutting down the Hong Kong counterfeit company Apollo Ltd. The Hong Kong company had been manufacturing Nintendo controllers with in-built Nintendo video games in its factories in China and exporting them around the world. Nintendo seized 2,000 counterfeits with an estimated market value of $50,000.

Big Layoffs at Midway

Midway have laid off about 75 people this week. The cuts are companywide from marketing to product development. In spite of this, Midway insist that they will be expanding their payroll this year in order to develop new products for the various new game consoles coming onto the market.

Namco & Konami Drop Mutual Copyright Claims

On July 3, Konami and Namco decided to bury the legal hatchet. The two companies had been involved in suit and countersuit over copyright involving Konami's music games and Namco's sports games. Each side accused the other of infringing its copyright. Both sides have now informed the courts and patent office that they are withdrawing their claims against the other. According to the joint press release, this is "for the sake of industry development".

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