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Magician's Wheel From Sega Now Shipping

Magician's Wheel from Sega Now Shipping
Magician's Wheel from Sega Now Shipping
Magician's Wheel is a new mechanical ticket redemption game from Sega, which is now shipping. The game uses a carnival theme throughout the cabinet and features include a 40” diameter spinning wheel.

Gameplay is very easy for players of all ages to understand and enjoy! Using a single, large button, players drop a mechanical flapper into the path of the spinning wheel, which slowly brings the wheel to a stop, and the player gets the value the wheel stops on.

This game requires players to use their hand-eye coordination and timing skills to drop the flag at just the right moment to win the value they want, including the bonus value and the Magic Ticket value, which isn’t revealed until the player wins. This fun and amusing games will draw in players from all across the floor!

The game also features a number of operator-friendly adjustments that allow for a wide variety of ticket values and price per play settings, so operators can adjust the game to suit the players of their individual locations.

Sega CEO Paul Williams said, "The carnival theme and sounds, its impressive size, attractive LED lighting effects, mechanical action, and intuitive game play add up to a terrific game play experience."

Magician's Wheel is part of a previously announced Fantastic 5 Finance Program from Sega and Firestone Financial, which includes Magician's Wheel, Sonic Dash Extreme, Sonic Blast Ball, Luigi's Mansion, and the Mario and Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games 2 player and 4 player setups.


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