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Merit's TournaMAXX™ System Launches

Merit's TournaMAXX™ System Launches
Merit's TournaMAXX™ System Launches
The Summer Sizzler tournaments were the first opportunity that operators and customers in the United States and Canada had to test out the new TournaMAXX™ system and experience its capabilities for themselves. Players took part in three rounds of competition with the average of their five best game scores used to determine their ranking against players throughout North America.

"The level of excitement I have seen from the operators has been exceptionally high," said Tim Dwyer, first place finisher in the Tri Towers event in Cleveland Coin's Indiana office. He added, "It put a lot of excitement into the summer, which can normally be a slow time for us."

The TournaMAXX™ ranking system generates stirring head-to-head competition and exciting opportunities for players to measure their skills against others and to win prizes as well.

Art Zurawski, second place winner from Cleveland Coin's Michigan office shared Dwyer's enthusiasm. "I thought it was great," he commented. "As operators are learning that tournaments are making money for them, more and more people are jumping on board. Merit is going in the right direction."

Betson Philadelphia's Monster Madness winner, Bob Dipipi added, "TournaMAXX™ is fun for the player who wants to see where they rank not only in their local bar, but around the nation as well. Operators should definitely look into the opportunity TournaMAXX™ is going to provide them to increase collections on the street."

While the TournaMAXX™ system is generating widespread excitement in the U.S. and Canada, summer testing has also yielded exceptional results in the European market. Locations utilizing TournaMAXX™ reported 30-50% gross collection increases. This is an exciting trend that shows the tremendous global appeal of the TournaMAXX™ system.

With its latest partnership agreement, Merit has made the prospect of using the TournaMAXX™ system even more appealing as well as convenient. Merit and AT&T have joined together to provide U.S. and Canadian operators with free, reliable Internet access. AT&T's B2000 backbone reaches virtually everywhere in North America, providing operators with the highest quality tournament features networked on the finest Internet provider system in the world.

"With the largest install base of Touchscreen games in the world, I am excited to introduce the benefits of TournaMAXX™ to operators worldwide," said Bob Mills, Merit's Director of Network Business. "Merit is once again tapping into tomorrow's technology today."

Merit also recently launched a new TournaMAXX™ web site: www.meritgames.com. It's a complete, interactive site designed for both players and operators. Players have 24-hour access to leader boards, upcoming events, winner photos, a feedback section and personalized e-mail. A convenient search engine will even locate the nearest Megatouch TournaMAXX™. The site also features a Remote Operator Interface where operators can view books and game options, plan more efficient route management, and register their games for TournaMAXX™ play directly from the site. Future enhancements will include remote credit per play settings, changeable game option settings, custom tournaments and operator advertising screens.

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Merit Industries, a Bensalem, PA based coin-operated amusement manufacturer, is the worldwide leader in touchscreen entertainment devices. For over 20 years, Merit has never ceased to assert its belief in providing long-term return on investment for operators by providing updates and upgrades on its variety of time-tested units. Merit Industries' products appear globally in a wide array of venues, and appeal to an almost limitless demographic. Merit continues to expand its position in the industry with ever-increasing language content and new games. The company maintains a web site with all the latest information at www.meritind.com.


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