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New arcade and pinball games debut at EAG 2017

An EAG punter playing Stern's Aerosmith Pinball. Picture: Twitter/Electrocoin
An EAG punter playing Stern's Aerosmith Pinball. Picture: Twitter/Electrocoin
EAG International 2017 was held in London between January 17 and 19.

While a lot of the arcade games shown at EAG had already been revealed at 2016 IAAPA just three months before, for many this was their first showing in Europe.

There were also a number of new games, that have barely any information available other than what has been posted on the internet by visitors to EAG, revealed at the show including:

Splash (by Raw Thrills / InJoy, shown by Bandai Namco)

Splash is a new racing boat game from Raw Thrills and InJoy. It is an action packed jet ski simulator with real-time motion feedback. Roll and pitch motions to replicate jet ski movements.

Images and vision courtesy of Arcade Belgium who attended EAG 2017.

Fly O’Clock (by Digital Melody / Magic Play, shown by SEGA)

Another app-to-arcade release. Using unique one-button mechanics, players race counter clockwise against time to survive the longest while being chased by electrical clock hands.

Crossy Road Disney (by Adrenaline Amusements)

Crossy Road Disney is a mobile game that Adrenaline Amusements have turned into an arcade game.

Crossy Road Disney is a special version of Crossy Road Arcade from Adrenaline Amusements featuring Disney titles The Lion King, Finding Dory, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inside Out, Wreck-it Ralph and Mickey & Friends.

The arcade version is a two player video redemption game. Players must navigate their way across busy roads, train tracks, and over rivers to go as far as they possibly can. With each successful jump, players are awarded a ticket.

Crazy Tower (by Adrenaline Amusements)

While Crazy Tower was shown at IAAPA 2016, it has only recently gained attention.

Crazy Tower is a video redemption game that uses a unique semi-transparent pyramid shell to create a holographic like effect for the game. The game itself is like an isometric stacker game. Stack the building high for tickets.

Choppy Wood (by Raw Thrills, shown by Bandai Namco)

Players compete against the time meter or each other. The player wins tickets by accumulating as many chops as possible before the time meter runs out.

Other arcade games shown at EAG 2017 were:

Daytona 3 Championship USA (by SEGA)

Daytona 3 Championship USA features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated Daytona International Speedway. In addition, the original three classic courses have been remastered for the modern era.

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade (by Capcom, shown by SEGA)

Players sit inside an atmospheric theatre cabinet and guide Luigi through ghost-infested mansions.

Let's Go Island - Lost on the Island of Tropics Dream Edition (by SEGA)

The follow up to Let’s Go Jungle. Players are on a South Pacific island diving tour and soon end up in trouble with modern day pirates. They must work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them.

Cruis’n Blast (by Raw Thrills / Nintendo, shown by Bandai Namco)

Cruis’n Blast will have players driving up to 200mph through the streets of London, the unique land of Madagascar, experience Carnival in Rio, speed through futuristic Singapore, and attempt to survive Death Valley.

Pump it Up Prime 2 2017 (by Andamiro, shown by Bandai Namco)

The latest version of the hit dancing game from Andamiro. Pump It Up 2 is in a new cabinet featuring a 55” HD LCD screen, 4 speakers and 2 sub woofers. The Prime 2 software has over 100 new songs and something for all levels of players from a new “How to Play” for beginners to several new modes for core players.

The Walking Dead (by Raw Thrills, shown by Bandai Namco)

The arcade game is based on the AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a horrific, thrill seeking survival game where players endure the hardships of a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world.

Players can test their shooting skills with the use of the crossbow controller to help protect themselves from being attacked by oncoming walkers.

The Walking Dead began shipping on January 23, 2017.

Pinball was also on show at EAG.

Heighway Pinball showed its new Alien table while Stern Pinball showed its latest release, Aerosmith Pinball, as well as Batman 66 and Ghostbusters.



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