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Ocean Star 3 - New Product Coming Soon!

Ocean Star 3 Arcade Game Machine
Ocean Star 3 Arcade Game Machine
In case you hadn't heard, there's an exciting new product coming out - Ocean Star 3! Update your old fish cabinet with a new machine or upgrade/PCB kit!

The fish hunting video redemption game has enjoyed a phenomenal popularity over the last year or two, and continues to show it's popularity. Which is why we're so excited about this next product to hit the market.

The Ocean Star 3 is available as a full 6 player machine, or, PCB Upgrade Kit which supports 4, 6, and 8 player video redemption arcade cabinets. As the name indicates, it continues on with the oceanic theme and is the third installment from the Ocean Star line.

This game has made many changes from it's predecessors for a new, fun, and exciting game. Players can not only enjoy a new game, but sharper and more vibrant scenery than ever before thanks to HD graphics through a 3D engine. See every line and colour of the fish characters and ocean floors in greater, brighter detail as you play.

These fish characters include: Lion fish, Butterfly Fish, Flying Fish, Jellyfish, Lantern Fish, Flat Fish, Clown Fish, Sea Turtles, Fugus, Sharks, Stingrays, and the character feature - Big Whale!

There are also a number of game features to make game play more difficult and to help players earn more points/tickets, including: Fish King, Lightning Effect, Golden Shark, Alloy Strength, Biochemical Bullet, Super Weapon, Fish Group, Electronic Power Weapon, and Fortune Wheel.

The Ocean Star 3 is a game that is fun for players of all ages and works well in a variety of locations. For more information you can visit the product pages, or, if you are interested in this product or any other fish hunting cabinets we have, please contact our friendly sales staff for more information at sales@highway.net.au.


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