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New Camera System for Tekken 7

Tekken 7 New Camera System
Tekken 7 New Camera System
Katsuhiro Harada has introduced via Twitter the new camera system for Tekken 7, which is currently undergoing internal testing.

This new camera system uses a new rendering technique in which the opponent's camera screen is mirrored on the other side of the stage.

From this description and the image provided, it looks like when two 1 player cabinets are linked, the stage will be mirrored on the second monitor, so that both players will play from the left, not just them player 1 character. How this will operate on a single screen in a two player cabinet, isn't made clear with many fans hoping for a split screen version for two player cabinets.

Careful observers and fans of the Tekken series have also noted other changes in Tekken 7 that the image shows. Avoidingthepuddle.com noted new features in the image, such as the new high CG renderings of Kazuya, Alisa and Heihachi being used as the character portraits next to the life bars. These will probably replace the old ones and be used on the character select screen. Also, there appears to be a new stage which you can see on the bottom left.


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