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Ogeeku and Toyota Reveal Oculus Rift Game Developement - Corollacade!

The Corollacade Cabinet
The Corollacade Cabinet
Toyota recently teamed up with game development team, Ogeeku, and - using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset technology - has created the embarrassingly named, Corollacade.

In just under a month, Ogeeku created the VR, driving simulation (modeled on the old school driving arcade cabinets) in which players drive around a 3D city in a car very much styled like the 2014 Toyota Corolla.

"Over the month of September, I had the privilege of working with a team of incredibly talented individuals on a project that pushed boundaries and checked a box off my bucket list. The project intended to bring a new perspective to integrated marketing and also present a new way to look at test driving a vehicle, which in this case was a 2014 Toyota Corolla," said Brence of the project.

"We began work immediately on our individual teams and worked late into the night to make what seemed to be a near impossible project come to life. We finished in three and a half weeks time, and many high fives were made."

Brence is now looking towards developing this idea with Toyota, and is currently in talks with the company to continue the development of this project for the future. "We are in talks with the brand [Toyota] to have another cabinet built for showcase to the public and for several events, as well as releasing the game we built for those who have access to the Oculus Rift."

Brence continued, "The big hope is that systems utilizing technology like this will be abvailable to the public during car shows and events so people can test drive the car of their choice."

The team consisted of Jon Brence, Aaron Rasmussen, Alcuin Gersh, Greg De Stephano, Glenn Freund, Kyle Kazarian, Daniel Cahill, and Philip Ramirez.

Below is a short video about the Corollacade and the project, courtesy of Ogeeku:



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