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Sega's New Plants vs Zombies: The Last Stand Redemption Arcade Machine

Sega's New Plants vs Zombies: The Last Stand Redemption Arcade Machine
Sega's New Plants vs Zombies: The Last Stand Redemption Arcade Machine
Sega recently announced the title of their latest redemption arcade machine, Plants vs. Zombies: The Last Stand. It is based on the hugely popular mobile game, which was first developed by PopCap Games, and arcade version takes the players experience to a new level with this game.

Sega Sales Manager, Vince Moreno explained, "There are literally thousands of app games available for download and in this crowded space, it's incredibly difficult to rise above the noise and get noticed in the way Plants vs. Zombies has. Only exceptionally good games make it to the top tier and Plants vs. Zombies is definitely one of those games."

PopCap Games has an extensive history of excellence in game development, with a number of awards including Game Industry News Nintendo DS Game of the Year, Xbox LIVE Best Family Game of the Year, Time Magazine's 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011, and Game Spy;s list of Top 25 PC Games of the 2000s.

Sega's latest addition to the redemption family puts the player in control of a cabinet-mounted Peashooter that, as the name aptly suggest, shoots peas at the invading zombie hordes and if a zombie should breach the "last line of defense" it's game over. The more zombies players destroy, the bigger the player payout, and if all waves are destroyed the player wins the jackpot!

The game has 10 3D 'gardens' or levels to defend, titles are 'Backyard', 'Car Park', 'Rooftop', 'Golf Course', 'Farmyard', 'Graveyard' and 'The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Groaning'. Sega has also integrated the game with a end-of-game, video-displayed QR Code.

The QR Code allows players to register their score online in the global high-score table. Players can literally compete with every other player in the world. "The QR Code technology allows players to see how they rank against the best Zombie Destroyers in the world," said Mr Moreno. "It brings a new level of recognition to the game play experience for players to enjoy."

Sega's arcade redemption machine version follows in the footsteps of of other successful mobile to arcade translations, including Cut the Rope and Bejeweled (also developed by PopCap).


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