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Sega Offers a Daytona Tutorial Video series

Sega's Operator Settings Tutorial Video
Sega's Operator Settings Tutorial Video
Sega released its brand new Daytona Championship Racing USA and with it comes a tutorial video series. At the moment they have only released one video and it features a tutorial for operating settings, with the goal to maximize playtime and profits.

Changes made on cabinet 1 apply to all linked cabinets. In the video it shows how to use the settings depending on the audience. Some of the featured settings include a The "Sega" Setup, which is the default settings. It sells itself as the best all around settings for any location.

There is the Kids Setup, which has an auto drive feature for the kids that can't reach the pedal and remove manual transmission. This setup featured in the video does away with most menus for a more streamlined experience and to let the kids jump straight in the game as soon as they drop a coin in.

There is also a "Pro" Setup, for older players. Which allows to play Championship mode and Car and transmission select. The video shows off a new feature called Instant Rematch, so a group of friends can challenge each other again, (given that they have the coin), It uses the same car and same track.

Sega is teaching they're operators how to optimize their machine and their profits. It's a great idea that we hope can be spread to other manufacturers.

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