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SEGA's Plan to Launch Huge New Ticket Machine 'Jumanji'

Sega's New Jumanji Machine
Sega's New Jumanji Machine
SEGA's Plan to Launch Huge New Ticket Machine 'Jumanji'

Sega Amusements is bringing the massively successful, multi-billion dollar franchise 'Jumanji' to arcades as a ticket redemption arcade machine. The new Jumanji machine will capitalise on the huge success of the recent Jumanji film featuring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and immerse players into 12 different minigames. The minigames are set during iconic scenes from the film and include a Temple Run style survival game, an obstacle-based driving game and more with innovative new controller technology. The intuitive ball controller switches automatically between free-spin control and ratchet-spin control depending which section of the game is being played.
'Jumanji' will be a four-player machine, with each player taking on the role of one of the main characters from the franchise. Players must use quick-thinking and reflexes to progress with each game and have a chance at winning 'super bonus tickets' by saving Jumanji.

When Will 'Jumanji' be Available?

Jumanji will be available in arcades in the UK following Sega's launch day presentation at the Entertainment, Attractions and Gaming International Expo (EAG) in London, beginning March 1st. Sega Amusements can be found at booth 270 in the conference.

American operators will have to wait a little longer to have access to Jumanji, with the official launch in North and South America taking place at Amusements Expo, March 16th. Sega will be found at booth 327 here.



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