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TAITO Release New Home Arcade Machine ‘EGRET II Mini’

Taito's New Egret II Mini Machine
Taito's New Egret II Mini Machine
Taito's New Mini Arcade Machine
Taito’s latest arcade machine releases today, March 2nd, 2022. The Egret II Mini is designed to resemble the machine that was active in arcades from 1978 to 1997 and is loaded with features to add to the nostalgia. The Egret II Mini is compact, standing at just 21cm tall, perfect for those seeking that hit of retro arcade nostalgia with limited floor space. 

The Features
Taito’s new machine has a 4:3 aspect ratio screen, just like the original, which can now be rotated to suit particular games, as well as a joystick which can be either square or octagonally gated for an authentic feel. On top of this, Taito have included an SD slot, which gives the player the freedom to add more than the 50 games that are currently available. The mini cabinet also has an hdmi port if you want to play on a larger screen, two USB ports for controllers and a headphone jack.
The Egret II Mini comes standard with 40 games, including classics such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action and an additional 10 games with the trackball expansion. Players will be able to change game settings as they desire and access save states across all games. 



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