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Sega Releases Transformers Teaser Trailer

Sega Releases Transformers Teaser Trailer
Sega Releases Transformers Teaser Trailer
Sega has released a Transformers teaser trailer to promote the next-in-line arcade machine they are working on - Trasnformers Human Alliance arcade game.

This very short trailer features Optimus Prime and Bumblebee doing what they do best - fight Decepticons.

From the very brief clip it looks like it might potentially be a little bit first person shooter-ish, with players taking up the role of humans fighting side by side with the Autobots to save planet Earth.

Speculations aside, that's all the information out there on this soon-to-be-released cabinet at the moment.

There is a lot of speculation happening in the industry at the moment about what kind of gun type the game will be - light gun? Fixed gun? - whether or not a specific storyline or a generic storyline (Autobots must defeat Decepticons, obviously) and when we might see this heading out West.

However, the little available in the trailer looks amazing in terms of graphic and the game looks like it will be a lot of fun for arcade and Transformers fans alike.

Watch this space for more news and get ready to join the Human Alliance!

The video below is the teaser trailer, courtesy of Sega Amusements:



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