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The Stinger Report

The Stinger Report
The Stinger Report
The Three Year Arcade!
Arcades - dying or coming back? The Stinger examines two countervailing trends: (1) So-called "risk-reward" entertainment has largely replaced pure fun in many arcades worldwide. In the USA, this translates into arcades that are 70% redemption: and an unhealthy number of those redemption machines are "quick coin" games that offer little entertainment value. In the UK, a visit to the English seaside amusement scene reveals 70% redemption and/or cash prize machines. The amusements industry may be taking the biggest risk of all - converting its customers into hardcore casino fans who disdain second-rate gambling at arcades. (2) Happily, however, changing market conditions (such as more people staying closer to home) are forcing more operators to return to genuine, quality entertainment to win customer loyalty. Also, new computerized management/payment systems and smartcard technologies are making 21st century operation of amusement sites more affordable and efficient.

Mobile Amusement
In this Report the Stinger investigates the use of mobile phones as a means to pay for game credits, track the player's movement throughout a facility and finally receive ranking and communicate with other players. The ability for secure ticketing via a mobile phone and the use of the new 'contactless' payment systems such as the EDY from SEGA are also revealed. Continuing the investigation into the next generation tournament systems, coverage is given to the way that mobile phones in Japan are used in the amusement scene.

The Stinger Report (in brief) is provided to Highwaygames by Kevin Williams, the publisher of "The Stinger Report". To read the full articles and information, please visit www.thestingerreport.com


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