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HomePin Releases It's New Machine, Ride The Wave!

HomePin's Newest Machine, Ride the Wave
HomePin's Newest Machine, Ride the Wave
HomePin has released it's newest arcade machine, Ride the Wave. This beach themed upright mechanical redemption style game has an adjustable and mechanical nature, making it perfect for a wide range of venues including bars, clubs and amusement centres. The game is available worldwide, with the Chinese version having toned down artwork and being named the Monkey King.

Ride the Wave includes beach style music that has been specifically mastered for this game, while the Chinese version has appropriate Chinese themed music. Although there are two different versions, the games are identical mechanically and electrically. Only the artwork and music differs.


Ride the Wave has the player manipulating the metal rod to move the ball into the lit hole, while avoiding all the other holes. At the beginning of each ball, the bar resets down the bottom of the playfield to load the ball. Players then use the attached joystick to move up the field. However, if the player does not move the joystick for 10 seconds, the bar will automatically move upwards by small increments.

The machine randomly chooses which target hole the player must move towards at the beginning of each ball in order to keep the game interesting after multiple plays. There is also a count down timer for each play, and the player must get the ball into the hole before time runs out.

The main winning hole is the one set into the surfboard at the top of the wave. The game will also display 'obstacle' and 'danger' holes to make it more difficult for the player.



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